Pet / Show Alter -- $1000 and Up (Price includes show rights)

All kittens will be spayed or neutered before going home, NO Exceptions & are under a no-declaw contract.

A deposit of $200 is required to reserve/hold a kitten
Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE but can be Transferred. The $200 will be credited towards the purchase price.

Status Key
AVAILABLE - Available
ADOPTED - All Funds Received
ON HOLD - Received Deposit
TEMP HOLD - Kitten on Hold for 5 Days Until Deposit is Received - Inquiries Still Welcome

All kittens will come with:
  • a 2 Year Hereditary/Congenital Warranty
  • a 14 Day Viral Warranty
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Shots and Wormings Up-To-Date
  • Flea Treatment
  • Registration Papers
  • Microchipping is available at cost
  • & a special made kitten kit (including a care guide, food, coupons, toys, treats, and more!)

*Kittens over the age of 16 weeks will have received their final booster and their 1st year rabies.

*Our kittens will be registered with TICA

*Kittens leave between 11 and 13 weeks of age, not any younger

**We DO NOT give or suggest you give our Ragdolls the FIP Vaccine as it is potentially harmful to the breed. Please note that if the FIP Vaccine is given to your new kitten all warranties will be VOID 
We will be joining a very large number of breeders across the US in no longer shipping pets. Due to a change in Department of Agriculture regulations for pet breeders that the USDA itself has interpreted in contradictory ways, it is impossible for most persons who sell pets to know whether it is legal to ship a pet that the buyer has not seen in person. Violations of this rule carry severe penalties. 

For our safety, ALL sales must take place face to face.
However, StaCBack Ragdolls is willing to drive up to 2 hours for no extra fee. Any further than that however, based on gas and travel expenses, we will charge a fee. 

At this time we don’t have any available kittens. We expect our next litter to be born In February 2019.

I do not get to update our website as often as I would like but, we do have a Facebook page that is easier to keep up with. Please visit us there as we have many more updates and pictures. Just click on the link below: